Ligada iSuite for DASH

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Ligada iSuite for DASH
Ligada iSuite for DASH

The Ligada iSuite for DASH is a comprehensive MPEG-DASH264 profile Test Suite based on Digital TV Labs widely adopted and highly versatile Ligada iSuite Test Harness. It is designed to test interoperability of any client or video player, on any device, using DASH264 profile (as published by the DASH-IF in early 2013) to stream high quality video content across IP networks.

  • Provides conformance testing for DASH264 for any video player / client on any IP enabled device
  • Multiple audio and video codec support
  • DASH live profile
  • DASH on demand profile
  • Operates in HTML5 mode
  • Simulates variable network conditions
  • Automation features to shorten test cycles
  • Interactive test environment to shorten development cycles
  • Contains over 100 ISO Base Media File Format files
  • Create new and modify existing test cases


The comprehensive set of test cases offered by Ligada iSuite for DASH include conformance testing for segmented video streaming, such as  the insertion of advertisements in both on-demand and live delivery modes. It provides tests for audio and video codec support and multiple MDP types.

MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) seeks to simplify and unify adaptive streaming by building on existing bespoke variants that are currently deployed. It offers broadcasters, operators, and OTT / IPTV only platform owners the ability to simplify encoding and distribution methodologies to reach new audiences across multiple devices cost effectively.

Some of its advantages over other  adaptive streaming formats is that MPEG-DASH is an open standard (ISO / IEC 23009 ratified in 2012) and supports multiple DRMs, closed captions and multiple audio tracks to enable different languages.

A major stumbling block has been true client / server interoperability and a comprehensive functional conformance test suite: Ligada iSuite for DASH is the answer.

Digital TV Labs is a member of the DASH Industry Forum and contributes to the development of the standard. With experience in developing multiple test suites utilising MPEG-DASH within the HbbTV (Hybrid broadcast broadband TeleVision).

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